How to Make copies of your DVD Movies

System Requirements:
  • OS Supported:
    Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003

  • Hardware Requirements:
    Intel Pentium II 350MHz or above
    64 MB RAM or above
Launch Application :

Start Acala DVD Copy, You will see its main interface.

Step 1.  Select Source DVD Movie 
1. if you want to copy a DVD movie from a DVD disc
              (1)  insert a dvd disc
              (2)  choose " form disc " ,
             and then select the source disc from  device list. device list
2. if have a dvd movie directory  in your hard disk
              (1) choose " from harddisc "   
              (2) Select source dvd folder  source folder

Step 2.  Select Destination:

1. if you want to make a copy of DVD disc
              (1) choose " to dvd recoder "
              (2) select a  dvd recorder from device list
              (3) select a working folder of  hard disk  for temporary using

2. if you want to make copy of DVD movie to your hard disk(great for laptops)
              (1) click " to hard disk "   
              (2) Select destination dvd folder  source folder

Step 3. Setting the copy type :

1. if you just want to copy specified language audio track
                  select  a language from the language list

                 language list

2. if you want to delete DTS audio of the movie  
                  uncheck  " include dts audio "

3. if you don't want to  copy subtitle to backup movie
                  uncheck  " include subtitle "

4. if you just want to copy main movie to destination
                  uncheck  " Include Movie Menu and Episodes "

Step 4.  Setting the destination DVD movie Format :

1.  Copy D5 , D9 DVD movie disc to D9 disc
                  check " copy to dual layer disc "

2.  Compress D5, D9 DVD movie to one D5 format disc
                 check " compress to 1 D5 disc "

Step 5. Start Copying:

Click   start button to start copying.

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